Augmented Reality Arrangements

Let customers see your products in their own interiors before purchasing thanks to breakthrough Augmented Reality technology.

You want to sell your products?
Engage your customer!

Give him or her the opportunity to create custom arrangements, and shopping will become a real pleasure. The process of creating arrangements is also a great opportunity for up-sale.

Intiaro - iPad

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Download Intiaro for free on your phone or tablet, print or get
the marker and admire furniture and other products directly in your interior.

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AR Arrangements

Watch our short movie to learn how you can easily and quickly configure and arrange furniture in your interior


Intiaro Features

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Highest quality visualization right at your client's interior

Highest available quality of products arrangement and visualization in real time at the customer's interior with the use of Augmented Reality technology.

Easy to use,innovative solution

No special training or knowledge is needed to make easy and fun arrangements directly at your place.

Social – share your arrangementswith your family and friends

Users can share their ideas with friends and family thanks to social media integration.

Other features


For your brand

Higher and faster sales

Increase the chance of finalizing sales by letting your clients see your products right at their home.

Virtual exposition space

Client’s interior becomes your virtual showroom where you can exhibit 100% of your products in all possible combinations. This means lower customer acquisition costs.

Increased customer satisfaction

No unpleasant surprises. The customer sees and knows what they are buying, and whether custom product will be suitable for the intended interior.

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